Vision Therapy For Lazy Eye

What is Vision Therapy For Lazy Eye?

Vision therapy for lazy eye is a treatment consisting of different eye exercises which are based on a patient’s signs and symptoms.
The number of Vision therapy sessions depends on the results of standardized tests which are preformed before the treatment begins. Vision therapy for lazy eye may include eye exercises, filters, lenses, prisms, computer programs and a variety of special tools designed for individualized vision therapy activities.
Achieving improved visual acuity in the amblyopic eye and having both of the eyes working together is the main goal of the therapy. All the exercises are customized for each patient individually.
Ideally the most effective period of time to treat amblyopia is during childhood, although a unique amblyopia treatment for adults is done with RevitalVision. Practicing with the RevitalVision program shows vision improvement (2.5 lines on the Snellen chart) contrast sensitivity (150%) and visual functioning. By stimulating specific areas in the brain Revitalvision eye exercises achieve vision improvement in the Amblyopic eye. RevitalVision consists of 30 sessions which last about 30 minutes each.





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