Recovery From Cataract Surgery?

How long is recovery from cataract surgery?

Vision post cataract surgery should improve within a few days although it can take up to two weeks to fully adapt to the new implants. Different types of implants include Monofocal, Multifocal, Accommodative and Toric lenses. Full recovery from cataract surgery for multifocal lens patients, may take longer since they might experience glare and halos around lights which can take weeks to months to resolve. In addition, these patients might suffer more than others from reduced contrast sensitivity which is the capacity to discriminate between similar shades in daily life. Foggy vision might be another side effect post cataract surgery.
RevitalVision is designed to improve recovery from cataract surgery including visual functioning and blurry vision, without the need of a doctor’s examination or support. Completing the RevitalVision program results in an average improvement of up to 150% in contrast sensitivity.

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