Will I be light sensitive after cataract surgery?

Experiencing light sensitivity after cataract surgery is quite common. When a cataract develops, individuals often require more light for everyday activities like reading, as the lens becomes progressively opaque, reducing the amount of light entering the eye. Both our brain and eyes adjust to this change over time, resulting in increased light sensitivity for many people.

During cataract surgery, the cloudy lens is replaced with a clear, transparent one, causing the eye to suddenly be exposed to more light while the brain has not fully adapted to the new situation. This can lead to a heightened feeling of light sensitivity. However, it’s important to note that this light sensitivity after cataract surgery is temporary and typically fades away within a few weeks.

For addressing post-surgery blurriness, RevitalVision offers a convenient at-home solution. This therapy is backed by clinical and scientific evidence, providing patients with an effective approach to improving their vision after cataract surgery.

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