What are lazy eye exercises for adults? 

What are lazy eye exercises for adults?  

Lazy eye (Amblyopia) is a neurodevelopmental disorder. Amblyopia affects at least 2% of most populations. Going untreated Lazy eye may lead to permanently impaired vision. Lazy eye exercises for adults are available although treatment during early childhood is more effective.

Causes and symptoms of lazy eye include, strabismus which is a wandering eye, a difference in the refractive error between the 2 eyes and any other factor that leads to deprivation during the visual sensitive period, which ends approximately between 6 years of age to 9 .

Due to brain plasticity changes in the neurons can occur even after childhood age, which means that lazy eye exercises for adults are affective. By stimulating specific areas in the brain, the brain maximizes its efficiency and vision is improved.

Revitalvision amblyopia treatment for adults are practiced at home on your own computer. Each session last approximately 30 minutes.  More than 85% of patients who were candidates for this treatment and completed its course improved their vision by 2.5 rows and showed 100% improvement in contrast sensitivity.



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