How to get rid of a lazy eye

How to get rid of a lazy eye ?

The most common childhood disorder of vision is Lazy Eye. It has been widely believed that how to get rid of a lazy eye can be successful only during childhood.

Lazy eye (or Amblyopia) is a common visual developmental disorder affecting 2–4% of the population. Conditions such as crossed eyes, different refractive errors in both eyes and congenital cataracts may accompany Amblyopia.

How to get rid of a lazy eye: this is best done in childhood (is best done) during the critical age (up to 9 years of age). Treatment for adults is more challenging since Lazy Eye is the result of maldevelopment of the structure and function in the visual part of the brain (visual cortex), RevitalVision is a treatment which influences the visual cortex and achieves progress in the amblyopia treatment for adults.

Revitalvision eye exercises stimulate areas in the brain which lead to visual improvement. These exercises are done for 30 minutes each and are done under the supervision of an ophthalmologist.  More than 85% of patients who were candidates for this treatment and completed its course improved their visual acuity by 2.5 rows on the Snellen testing chart and showed 100% improvement in contrast sensitivity.


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